Challenge #1 TM6


So the whole training series could have been better prescribed for a cycling specific challenge I admit. However, the point of the whole thing was to get me regularly exercising again which has been a success. I have managed to buy into a healthy mix of strength and aerobic training on more of a regular basis and I am beginning to feel in decent shape. The same goals of last month will be carried forward for this final month with hopefully (weather permitting) a few more days effort out on the road to leave me with decent preparation for the challenge.



Week 1: (w/c 26th Feb)

  • Gym – Indoor climbing
  • Resistance – Horizontal push
  • Resistance – Lower body
  • Watt bike – 4 sets of 3 mins at 250 W with 2 mins active recovery
  • Resistance – Back and shoulders
  • Swimming – Six 25 m efforts with 75 m between bouts
  • Mountaineering – 7 km with 974m of ascent

The beast from the east certainly put to bed any chance of getting out on the road for some cycling but I got in two decent interval sessions and a rare day ice climbing in Wales so all went well with some good solid gym sessions.


Week 2: (w/c 5th Mar)

  • Mountaineering – 9 km with 1542 m of ascent
  • Mountaineering – 10 km with 1203 m of ascent
  • Mountaineering – 8.5 km with 1306 m of ascent
  • Mountaineering – 17 km with 1729 m of ascent
  • Resistance – Upper body

So I got the chance to go back up to Scotland. I jumped at it, and it was brilliant! Not much time spent on the bike unfortunately, but it’s not exactly bad training for cycling, walking up mountains for hours on end with a heavy pack full of climbing gear is it?



Week 3: (w/c 12th Mar)

  • Resistance – Lower body
  • Watt bike – 5 sets of 2mins at 280 W with 2mins active recovery
  • Resistance – Horizontal push
  • Road bike – 37.3 km with 138 m of ascent
  • Road bike – 42.8 km with 231 m of ascent
  • Rock climbing – 4.5 hours
  • Mountaineering – 12 km with 2123 m of ascent
  • Rock climbing – 5 hours

I needed a little bit of rest at the start of the week. I think both my trips to Scotland were starting to catch up on me. After a day to recover I was back in the gym and feeling good. Two wet and horrible bike rides before the weather picked up (albeit cold, but dry) at the weekend and I got some good climbing done.


Week 4: (w/c 19th Mar)

  • Gym – Indoor climbing
  • Resistance – Lower body
  • Mountain biking – 38.2 km with 346 m of ascent
  • Rock climbing – 2.5 hours
  • Rock climbing – 1.5 hours

Not the week I was hoping for, unable to spend any real time doing anything apart from a bit of rock climbing at the weekend in some nice spring sun. Had a lot on with work and I anticipate a similar week for the next. Not great preparation.



The final countdown: (w/c 26th Mar)

  • Gym – Indoor climbing
  • Rock climbing – 3.5 hours
  • Resistance – Horizontal push
  • Swimming – 800 m

Less than ideal preparation but at least I got a bit done. However, I do feel like I’ve let it go a bit, it seems a lifetime ago when I was in the gym last or even out on the road bike. In the end I just needed to go to the gym just to get away from work things but now I simply cannot wait to get out on that bike now and leave everything behind for a few days!

Author: Starting Point

My blog captures a range of outdoor adventure, each from its starting point, giving a first person account to the highs and lows of each exhilarating adventure. From climbing, mountaineering and camping to mountain biking, water sports and endurance type challenges. These are all my experiences brought alive to you through stories, pictures and video. Enjoy!

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