Challenge #1 TM5

With a poor previous month I knew this month needed stepping up a notch. A continuation of the plan from last month, training more often but at a greater intensity over a shorter duration.



Week 1: (w/c 29th Jan)

  • Gym – Indoor climbing
  • Mountaineering – 12 km with 987 m of ascent
  • Mountaineering – 13.4 km with 1134 m of ascent
  • Mountaineering – 12.7 km with 1098 m of ascent
  • Mountaineering – 12.5 km with 1127 m of ascent

Absolute exhaustion. Four 8 hour plus days in the mountains back to back has written me off. I did some pretty strenuous lead ice climbing too which knackered me out. Not only no time, but no in physical condition to do anything else. I need to recover!


Week 2: (w/c 5th Feb)

  • Gym – Indoor climbing
  • Resistance – Horizontal push
  • Swimming – 2 sets of 5 x 40 m intervals
  • Resistance – Lower body
  • Hill sprints – 3 sets of 10 sprints
  • Mountaineering – 9.4 km with 1065 m of ascent

I should have probably not gone indoor climbing on the monday night absolutely knackered from the previous week. Recovery is still very much needed. I still feel incredibly guilty for not doing any strength sessions for a few weeks but carrying a heavy pack full of climbing gear up steep inclines for 30 odd hours is probably a good excuse not to. I eventually got in the gym, although I would have preferred to do one more session for the week, I think missing a ‘pull’ session is not going to do me any harm the amount of climbing I’ve been doing. I also did some swimming intervals and some sprinting which felt great before heading off for some more climbing; only to arrive in appalling conditions, nonetheless my last winter day before going to Scotland.


Week 3: (w/c 12th Feb)

  • Resistance – Chest and some lower body
  • Road bike – 35.7 km with 129 m of ascent
  • Resistance – Upper body pull with some legs
  • Road run – 5 km
  • Resistance – Lower body and Horizontal push
  • Swimming – 1 km
  • Resistance – Shoulders and back
  • Circuit – Strength
  • Circuit – Anaerobic

Back to good solid gym sessions and felt good to have some time back in the saddle. I snatched a sunny period on a rainy day that was freezing cold but the legs felt good after a few weeks off the tarmac, holding an average speed of 32.8 kph for my 35 km. A brutal third gym session of the week left me with some DOMS after really lifting hard. A nice recovery swim before finishing the week off in a sweat with some circuits.


Week 4: (w/c 19th Feb)

  • Rock climbing – 3 hours
  • Mountaineering – 10.3 km with 1347 m of ascent
  • Mountaineering – 13.1 km with 1167 m of ascent
  • Mountaineering – 11.6 km with 1489 m of ascent
  • Mountaineering – 12.7 km with 1277 m of ascent
  • Mountaineering – 17.5 km with 1389 m of ascent
  • Mountaineering – 13.4 km with 1262 m of ascent

Scotland! Need I say more. Fantastic to be back up there as always. Thoroughly enjoyed, but thoroughly worn out!


A better month all round! I Think the final training month will focus on a similar approach just due to my time constraints with work etc. but making more of a marked effort to spend at least two days a week out on the bike.

Author: Starting Point

My blog captures a range of outdoor adventure, each from its starting point, giving a first person account to the highs and lows of each exhilarating adventure. From climbing, mountaineering and camping to mountain biking, water sports and endurance type challenges. These are all my experiences brought alive to you through stories, pictures and video. Enjoy!

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