Grizedale, no problem!

Significantly better than our last trip here I thought it was worthy of its own post!



A grey day with plenty of wind and rain, but sheltered by the trees in the depths of the forest the prospect of being caked in mud whilst whizzing through technical single track it is hard to be put off. We arrived at Grizedale mid-morning. This time both with our proper mountain bikes working in fine order!



We left the visitor centre and were quickly heading off on the first stretch of single track, a 2 km technical climb through the trees. Not the easiest section to ride, climbing over wet rocks and leaves never easy on a bike going uphill.



Soon we were back out on the forest track storming along the broad pathways contouring through oak woodlands and conifer forest.



The reward for our climbing had yet to be claimed and back on to the single track along some trails of small jumps and tricky board walk sections through luscious forest meadows gave us time to get some flow going and really have some fun, all rewarded with some outstanding views out over Coniston along the way.



Back out the single track spat us onto broad forest road where the rain lashed us relentlessly exposed to the elements. The darkness of the day ever more apparent out in the open.



A few more sections of leg burning up hills made for a few fun, but challenging descents, difficult to tell what was below the puddles were the trail held the water. Wet and cold feet were inevitable and starting to become a slight issue an hour and a half or so into the ride. But it was too much fun to properly realise.



More adrenaline fuelled descents back on the single track sections with switchbacks, table tops and berms all taken as fast as the conditions would allow for. At this point we were both soggy wet and spotted with mud all over our faces.



The trail consisted of nine great sections of sinuous single track trail over on the west side of Grizedale forest with the last single track section definitely the fastest, a great downhill treat all the way back into the centre flying past waterfalls, over bridges and through forest vistas before rolling through open fields and woods to arrive back at the trail head. Super fun!



A fantastic day out on the mountain bikes that I only think is done justice by the video. Watch it HERE. Oh and of course, we finished with a pint by a log fire. I think it’s the rules in winter isn’t it?!

Author: Starting Point

My blog captures a range of outdoor adventure, each from its starting point, giving a first person account to the highs and lows of each exhilarating adventure. From climbing, mountaineering and camping to mountain biking, water sports and endurance type challenges. These are all my experiences brought alive to you through stories, pictures and video. Enjoy!

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