Challenge #1 TM3

There has been good progress made in the first two months of training, not only physically but mentally.



I feel stronger and fitter but can also note my change in attitude towards ‘doing a bit’. For this third month, I will aim to just simply keep it up. A busy time of year, Christmas and New Year with plenty of other things going on too, ‘the party season’ has arrived. This month I will hedge my bets and try to keep my training quite conservative and attainable. The goal here will be to keep the strength sessions at 3 times a week and do two sessions of cardio a week, at least one being a ride. I feel I am in a position were anything under 45-60 km will be almost too easy, but any more and I simply won’t have the time, therefore I think it is sensible to aim for this type of distance on my rides.



Here is what I managed this month:


Week 1: (w/c 4th Dec)

  • Gym – Indoor climbing
  • Resistance – Lower body
  • Resistance – Horizontal push
  • Circuit – Anaerobic
  • Road run – 9.9 km
  • Resistance – Back and shoulders
  • Road run – 5.9 km
  • Mountaineering – 14.7 km with 968 m of ascent

I couldn’t seem to get going this week, long working hours and feeling a bit under the weather not helping. Despite this I got in some good sessions in the gym and my circuit session seemed to kerb what could have been the onset of a winter cold. I started to kick on towards the end of the week but running out of time and Storm Caroline having other ideas I didn’t manage to fit a ride in due to time constraints and worsening snow and ice conditions on the roads. It might have to be back to the Watt bike next week if this continues!


Week 2: (w/c 11th Dec)

  • Gym – Indoor climbing
  • Resistance – Lower body
  • Mountaineering – 11 km with 854 of ascent
  • Road bike – 56.2 km with 453 m of ascent
  • Resistance – Horizontal push
  • Swimming – 800 m
  • Resistance – Pull
  • Mountaineering – 14.5 km with 1546 m of ascent

Not feeling incredibly motivated this week to get out on the bike, freezing cold and lots of wind and rain. However, I plucked up some courage and stomped out 50 odd kilometres in bone chilling head winds. One good thing did come out of it though, I repeated the 14 % gradient I tried in my first ride in TM 1, this time completion with some in the tank – the training is paying off! A very fast swim that hurt towards the end and some good solid gym sessions this week kept the maintenance up. However, the pinnacle of the week was definitely the brilliant day spent mountaineering in full winter conditions.



Week 3: (w/c 18th Dec)

  • Resistance – Lower body
  • Resistance – Horizontal push
  • Road run – 4 km
  • Resistance – Pull with some leg work
  • Mountain biking – 48.6 km with 1039 m of ascent
  • Road bike – 55.3 km with 189 m of ascent

Solid gym sessions this week kept the maintenance up. But the worsening weather conditions made me think twice before getting the lycra on. Freezing cold winds and lots of rain definitely put me off. My plan was to do a bit of mountaineering this week too. However, the met Office forecast quickly put that to bed, instead I opted for a mountain biking trip which was brilliant fun and definitely left me craving some more saddle time. The weather seemed to clear up towards the end of the week and I managed to out-ride the lingering fog and had, a hard, but pretty pleasant ride in the end, despite more cold, demoralising head winds at times.


Week 4: (w/c 25th Dec)

  • Trail run – 8.1 km
  • Road bike – 62 km with 378 m of ascent
  • Resistance – Push and Leg work
  • Mountaineering – 7.1 km with 978 m of ascent
  • Rock climbing – 4.5 hours
  • Mountaineering – 12.5 km with 850 m of ascent
  • Resistance – Lower body
  • Trail run – 6.2 km
  • Resistance – Push and pull

Even with Christmas over I was feeling quite strong still. I began the week with a trail run that was great fun leaving me muddy and wet at the end. The bike ride was also okay with nothing of note to report, despite me forgetting to charge the GPS and it dying half way round. The first gym session of this week I really could not be bothered, but I persevered and delivered a decent session in the end. My mountaineering trip was a bit of a disaster though with appalling snow conditions I spent most of my time bouldering and free climbing some easy routes to keep my interest. I closed the year with a gentle trail run and a good upper body session in the gym. A hard month, but a successful one.


The last picture here is a summary of my 2017. It is by no means exhaustive, this is just my logged training via my GPS watch. Other training I either forgot to log, my battery died during a session or on multi-day trips the battery could not be used on consecutive days. Irrespective, I think it gives a decent overview to my training year. By no means excessive but definitely getting back to it. On to the next month, and the next year, were I will really have to start grinding it out!

Author: Starting Point

My blog captures a range of outdoor adventure, each from its starting point, giving a first person account to the highs and lows of each exhilarating adventure. From climbing, mountaineering and camping to mountain biking, water sports and endurance type challenges. These are all my experiences brought alive to you through stories, pictures and video. Enjoy!

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